how to make good decisions

How to make (good) decisions

The goal of this paper is multi-purpose. First and foremost is to elevate the consideration of decision making itself. Second, recognizing that the core product of many organizations is decisions, leaders may choose very different paths in determining how they are made. Our epistemic belief is that the environment in which an organization operates plays an outsized role in the quality of the decisions made. Third, we aim to inspire thought with regards to ideas and processes that lead to better decisions; ones that can be applied to business and life, just as much as investing.

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The past, present, and future of inflation

Samir Taghiyev, Portfolio Manager, Canadian Small Cap Equity

What can we learn from past inflationary cycles? What are the main drivers of inflation today? And as investors, what should we do as the world continues to evolve?

February 2022

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What Dreams May Come: Bitcoin a Revolutionary Technology or Passing Fad?

Justin Anderson, Equity Analyst

Understanding how Bitcoin works is critical for assembling the mental toolkit that will allow us to comprehend the more general role of blockchains—i.e., the role they may have in ushering in that lofty vision that reaches beyond a mere trustless currency/asset.

June 2021

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How Mawer Thinks About Capacity: Global Equity Case Study

Mawer Global Research

In this piece, we’ll describe our framework for managing capacity, both for individual strategies and across our investment platform; we’ll summarize the measures we’ve taken historically to preserve our ability to add value for our existing clients; and, we’ll use our global equity strategy as a case study for how we’re evaluating capacity today.

April 2021

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On Modern Monetary Theory

Paul Moroz, CFA, Chief Investment Officer

We explore the evolution of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and the notable economic ideas on which it is based. We highlight some criticisms and discuss implications of MMT for economic policy and financial markets. The purpose of this paper is less focused on opining whether MMT is fundamentally sound, but rather aimed at understanding MMT's development and how the ground may shift if indeed MMT-based policies are more widely embraced. 

January 2021